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Austen Mengler

Hey I'm Austen, a concept artist & illustrator from Perth, Western Australia who loves drawing monsters!

I've been drawing them all my life, and for more than 10 years have also been working freelance on a variety of projects creating fantasy, science fiction & horror concept art & illustrations for video games, comics, album covers, film projects, board games and other publications.

As well as enjoying bringing ideas to life for art directors and publishers - my real passion is for developing and working on my own projects ExecutionMy Shadows and Scary Sketches. I've also been exhibiting at pop culture conventions around Australia for the last 5 years and it's been a blast sharing my work with fellow gaming, comic book and horror fans. To share more of my design process I also have a collection of video tutorials, speed paintings & live demo workshops, which you can check out on my YouTube Channel.

I love creating warped and unique characters, creatures and illustrations - and have had a lot of experience with coming up with concepts and variations, both traditionally in a sketchbook and digitally with a tablet & Photoshop. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in working together, whether it be for creating new artwork or licensing existing work for commercial use.

Thanks for looking at my monsters (play nice) and all the best!
- Austen Mengler


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My partner Jenny Mackintosh is also an accomplished graphic designer & illustrator who has helped out a tonne with putting several of my publication projects together. Check out her portfolio at:



selected exhibitions/Workshops

  • 2019 - Evolve Perth (Guest Artist) - Live Demo Creature Design Workshop

  • 2019 - Madman National Cosplay Championships - Perth - Guest Artist

  • 2018 - Animaze: Amazing Animals for Kids - Exhibition & Workshop at Fremantle Arts Centre, featuring “On the Hunt” & “Mammal Raptor” creature designs.

  • 2017 & 2018 - Evolve Perth (Guest Artist) - Art Talk

  • 2016 - RahCon - City of Mandurah - Pop Culture Exhibition

  • 2016 - Art Talk at Chaos Pop Culture #3

  • 2016 - Live Demo Workshop at Perth Supanova

  • 2015- present - Fezilla Studio Galley - Melbourne

  • 2015 - Live Demo Workshops at Sydney & Brisbane Supanova

  • 2015 - Live Demo Workshop at Perth Oz Comic-Con

  • 2014 - "I Will Not Be Denied..." artwork featured at BlizzCon 2015

  • 2014 - present - Good Games Cannington - Perth

  • 2014 - 2018 - Various Oz Comic-Con Conventions:
    Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide

  • 2013 - present - Various Supanova Pop Culture Expos:
    Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Gold Coast

  • 2011 - Curtin Design Graduate Showcase 2011


  • Daily Deviation Award - deviantART - HARLEY QUINN

  • Daily Deviation Award 2013 - deviantART - Jon Snow

  • Daily Deviation Award 2012 - deviantART - ZOMBIE ME

  • Daily Deviation Award 2011 - deviantART - B is for BRAINS

  • Daily Deviation Award 2009 - deviantART - CHAINSAW CHARLIE

  • The 2002 National Cartooning Competition - State Finalist



  • Met & discussed my Game of Thrones "Winter Has Come" parody fan art series with George R. R. Martin at Supanova Brisbane 2013! Have also gifted a copy to Jason Momoa, Kristian Nairne & Jack Gleeson at other events over the years.

  • Ricky Gervais shared my zombified portrait of him for Halloween!

  • Met Robert Englund and gifted him my Freddy Krueger artworks.

  • 'The Cursed King' - made the front page of Reddit /Art with 23K upvotes!

  • Gifted Millie Bobbie Brown a copy of my "Stranger Danger" framed art at Supanova Adelaide 2017


  • 2011 - present - Art Books, YouTube Tutorials, Gumroad, Skillshare, Art Camp, Schoolism, One Fantastic Week, Muddy Colors, Aaron Blaise, Proko, Crimson Daggers and more…

  • Curtin University of Technology [2009 - 2011]
    - Graduated with Bachelor of Arts: Design (Major in Illustration)

  • Applecross Senior High School [2004 - 2008] (Scholarship)
    - Took part in the extra-curricular Special Art scholarship program