"He'd had tremors before during the possession, but this was different.
Suddenly a giant black abdomen erupted from his back, ribs snapped while spiked and segmented legs erupted through his flesh,
ripping and tearing his very being from the inside out.
But he did not feel pain.
He felt power..."

Pencil, Photoshop & Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.



2014 - Photoshop & Wacom intuos pro tablet.

This is a signed 250 GSM open edition print, measuring A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) in size.

Note: Website watermarks don't appear on purchased prints and signing options are available at checkout. Shipping is via Australia Post with tracking options available. A3 Prints will come mailed flat wrapped in plastic and protected by cardboard in a padded parcel.


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