"Teletubbies are a strange breed of demon that have gone for years without humans knowing of their true form. Their highly publicised fake portrayal on TV hides their much more horrific nature. Demonic monsters that use their bright colours and friendly exterior to lure children, then once they're close enough - play time is over. With their muscular arms they grab and engulf their prey into the 'Tubby Void' television screen in their chest, breaking down their victim and absorbing the nutrients. Teletubbies are often seen followed by 'Noo-Noo', which are robotic vacuum cleaner demons who mop up any remains of the children that might leave evidence of what has taken place. This forms a symbiotic relationship that works in both demons' favour. 

Be warned of the terrors that may face you if you watch too much of their show, as it's put out by the dark lords as a way of finding food for the demonic Teletubbies that exist within it..."

Pencil, Photoshop & Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.



This is a signed 200 GSM print, measuring A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) in size.
Website watermarks don't appear on the print version, and all orders come with Tracker ID in a cardboard padded parcel.

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